Whether you are needing a whole new roof installed or just new shingles to update or eliminate leaks. L. McDaniel Contracting is your one stop shop for roofing contractors. Asphalt and wood shingles & flat roof systems, metal roofing, roof inspections, repairs and coatings. Having a professional roofing company who is trained in all types of roofing and roofing systems is the smartest option when considering replacing your roof. With experience and the equipment to ensure that the job is done safely and looks the best it possibly can.

We offer full service roofing services, including removing all existing roofing and felt down to sheeting boards, inspecting sheet boards, and repairing as needed. Once the base of the roof is inspected and prepared for new shingles, new shingles of your choosing will be professionally installed.

From single shingles, to flat roofing systems and metal roofing, L. McDaniel Contracting is the premier roofing contractor in Richmond Virginia and surrounding areas.