Summer is the season for home repairs, including getting that roof fixed. Whether you’re after an entirely new roof or a patch job, choosing the right roofing contractors Northern Virginia can make all the difference. Keeping these key points in mind before you select a contractor can save you money and ensure you get a quality roofing job.


Go Local

A local business means a business committed to doing a high-quality, reputable job in the surrounding community. This will give you the opportunity to check references and get a feel for their customer service and work ethic. Local also means guaranteed warranties, as it’s not unheard of for roofers to suddenly disappear, taking their guarantees with them. A company that is well-established in your area is the safest choice.


Insurance Is Imperative

The company you choose to redo your roof needs to carry liability insurance and worker’s compensation. You’ll want to double check that certificates are valid and that verbal affirmations of insurance can be backed up by a phone call to their insurance provider.


Don’t Let Money Be the Deciding Factor

Just because one quote is significantly lower than the other doesn’t mean they should get your business. Trustworthy establishments will have bills and overhead associated with desirable qualities like insurance costs. Paying for a side-job roofer has tremendous potential for side-effects such as shoddy work and additional roof repair later on. The value of what you pay for should hold the most sway over your decision. Choose a reliable, professional company that includes a workmanship guarantee in their contract and can give you high-quality service the first time around.


Say No to Solicitors

Avoid a roofing company that shows up on your door and gives you a flier—just because you have their number doesn’t mean they are your only option. It’s common for this method to result in the announcement that your roof has sustained damage from a storm, and the next thing you know you could be signing a letter of intent. A reputable company will give you time enough to make a decision while providing credentials and referrals. Never agree to a roofing job under pressure.


Demand Written Details

It’s generally a good idea to know exactly what you’re going to be paying for, and agree to it, before work begins. Get the finite details, like completion date, in writing and don’t pay until the agreed upon conditions have been satisfactorily met.


Consider Their Communication

You want a roofing company that is quick to call you back, keeps their word, and gets documentation taken care of in a timely manner. As a professional business, they should make proper communication a priority. If delays seem part of the company mindset, take your business elsewhere. You can’t be waiting for a new roof all summer.


Having a functional, quality roof over your head is imperative in all types of weather, and can make or break potential home sales as families seek to move over the summer. Though roofing may not be something you’re familiar with in the least, choosing the right roofing contractors Northern Virginia doesn’t have to be stressful or confusing. Follow these guidelines and take your time before settling on a contractor to ensure you get the best service for your budget and needs.