For many homeowners, the determining factor for needing a new roof doesn’t happen until they spot a leak in their ceiling, or a bad storm rips off a majority of their shingles. While both instances are indicators of different roofing problems, they are not necessarily direct indicators of having to replace the whole roof. Here are 7 signs that you need new Virginia Beach Roofing on your home.

1. Age

Age is the number-one reason for needing to replace your existing roof with a new one. Start by asking yourself, “How old is my existing roof?” Most experts agree that typical roofs will last anywhere between 20-25 years. Another factor to consider is if the old roof was removed, or if the new roof was installed over another layer or several layers of old shingles. If your current roof was installed over old layers of shingles and is over 20 years old, chances are you need to replace your roof.

2. Shingles Curling

Another prominent sign that you need a new roof is when your current shingles are starting to curl back and buckle. Look at the slopes and sides of your roof that get the most direct sunlight, and take note of any shingles that are curling and losing granules. This could be a sign that your shingles have lived past their manufactured life-expectancy.

3. Roof Valleys

Observe the valleys of your roof, and notice if any shingles are falling or missing in these areas. Valleys are one of the most important areas of your roof, and if you are missing shingles in these areas, it’s a definite sign that you need a new roof. Precipitation runs down through valleys into gutters, and if the valleys are compromised in any way, your home could become susceptible to leaks.

4. Missing Shingles

Missing shingles is another sign that you might need to replace your roof. A few missing here or there are easy to replace and patch, but when you start noticing that you are missing large sections of shingles, it’s time to consider replacing your roof. While this might seem like a no-brainer, ignoring missing shingles can lead to more problems and damage.

5. Chimney Flashing

Along with roof valleys, chimney flashing is another area of high concern. Some roofs are outfitted with a roof cement or tar, which should be replaced with a long-term, water-tight fitting solution, which is a metal flashing system. This helps to ensure that water does not leak into your home.

6. Shingle Granules in the Gutters

When you’re cleaning out your gutters, and you notice shingle granules, this is a sign that your roof is on its way out. Roofs tend to lose more granules toward the end of their life cycle, which indicates that the life expectancy of the shingles is coming to an end. If you notice inconsistent colors, or darker colors on some parts of your roof, this is another indicator that your shingle granules have worn away.

7. Daylight Visible

Seeing daylight through your roof when you’re not supposed to is a glaring sign that your roof needs to be replaced. When checking your roof, if you notice a spongy or bouncy feel, this is a good indication that the underlying decking is weakened from moisture. Check your attic for sunlight, and the insulation for moisture. All of these are sure signs that your roof needs to be replaced.

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