You don’t have to worry anymore about hanging, loose gutters! We use heavy duty hidden screw type hangers installed close together for added strength and security. (Leafproof gutter protection) Make your gutters absolutely LEAFPROOF!

  1. Leafproof keeps leaves and debris out of your gutters.
  2. Prevents damage to facia, siding and foundation caused from overflowing gutters.
  3. Fits your existing gutters.
  4. Low profile. Installs under 1st row of shingles WITHOUT penetrating the roof.
  5. Blends with your gutters and roof line.
  6. Can handle ANY downpour.
  7. Eliminates the hazardous chore of.
  8. Climbing a ladder -Prevents ice dams that form in the gutter.
  9. Prevents animals and birds from nesting.
  10. Lifetime Warranty.